FCP X is the next generation of Final Cut Pro editing software.  With its dynamic interface and low price-point, it is quickly becoming the software of choice among new editors.  Indie filmmakers working on a budget can quickly and easily use FCP X to put their creative ideas into actuality. Written for today's computers, FCP X takes the best of 20 years video editing to allow the production of complex and professional videos quickly and easily. 

Whether learning from scratch or moving from another platform, this course will take you through the basics and have you ready to edit projects on your own.  This beginner workshop introduces participants to the basics of digital editing - from importing media, to setting up a timeline, to exporting for the web. This is a one-day workshop, in which participants will become familiar with the layout of the software, learn how to cut together a sequence, learn how to use various effects and filters, how to use to transitions, as well as dialogue editing and pacing.    

Please note that all introductory editing workshops at SAW Video are offered in our customized workshop room featuring 3 workstations, for a maximum of 6 students.

NOTE: with all editing workshops at SAW Video you receive an extra 3 hours to practice on your own time. Arrange with a Technical Coordinator post@sawvideo.com / production@sawvideo.com

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