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In our visually-oriented culture, the value of sound is often overlooked. However, it is a vital part of many types of artistic expression, from the sound-only medium of radio to film, television, theatre, video art, new media, and more.

Over two evenings, you can go from being totally inexperienced with digital sound editing to being able to turn sounds you've recorded or downloaded into soundtracks for your film or video projects, sound art creations, or whatever inspires you. The first session covers the basics of editing digital sound files-from reading waveforms to removing unwanted noises to using effects and filters to change the quality of the sound. The second session moves forward into multitracking, showing you how to arrange, manipulate, and mix sound files together so that they work together to create the effect you desire.

As well as providing an introduction for those who've never worked with sound editing before, this workshop is also a good refresher course for anyone who hasn't worked with sound in a while, and wants to bring their skills back up to speed.

NOTE: with all editing workshops at SAW Video you receive an extra 3 hours to practice on your own time. Arrange with a Technical Coordinator post@sawvideo.com / production@sawvideo.com

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