Lost and Found Innocence
"A video about resistance and letting go, with metaphorical references to time, culture, place and positioning. Shot at the Deifenbunker Hill in Carp and a smaller hill along the Mississippi River. The artist climbs and rolls down these hills while transparent and layered images of historical footage overlay her performances. A window in the upper left-hand corner of the screen jogs down the forest path, just behind the Nepean Sportsplex. Sound is of the artist’s rhythmical and escalating breathing as she jogs, with interruptions of sounds of rushing water, public news announcements about space travel, wind chimes and clock ticking. What moment in time do we lose innocence? Or is it time itself that gradually erodes, Breaks us down, Flows continuously over our bones..? Stand still! I said. Time did not. Poem by S. Hawkins"
Sandra Hawkins

Sandra M. Hawkins’ videos and installations have been shown in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, Toronto, Montreal and Morocco Africa. They challenge culturally indoctrinated perceptions of identity, where social and personal edges collide to dispel myths. She holds a Masters in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
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Ottawa, ON
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