We have some great new gear in the new depot, including some sweet LED lights, a new lens kit, a very nice carbon fibre tripod and some audio gear.  Made possible by an equipment acquisition grant from the Canada Council for the Arts


LED Go LG-D600

This 60W  (approximately equivalent to a 500W tungsten light) LED Fresnel light is fan-less so it runs silent with focusable light (from flood to spot) and the ability to be dimmed from 1-100%!

LED Go LG-D1200

The bigger version of the D-600 with a 120w LED  (approximately equivalent to a 1000W tungsten light)


A pair of flexible bi-color LED panels and frames the LG-582K1 is Perfect for soft lit studio shooting.

Aputure Tri 8-S/C

New battery powered LED light panels in bi color (Tri-8c) or 5500k (Tri-8s) with light output roughly in the 600w range.

Aputure Al-M9

New LED mini-lights (approximately the size of a deck of playing cards), with a surprisingly bright output for their size.  They can dim down to approximately 10% intensity and can run off their internal battery or off of mains power.  Perfect as an extremely portable basic lighting kit or for “spot” lighting to enhance other lighting.


Sachtler Flow-tech 75

Brand new carbon fiber tripod legs with single latch leg extension: light, tall, and robust with a mid level spreader! This tripod boasts great versatility; taller than any of our other tripods, and able to go nearly as low as our hi hat.


Rokinon DS Full Frame Cinema Prime Lens kit (EF mount)

Rokinon 24/35/50/85mm lenses with matched coatings, focus and aperture rings. All lenses in the kit are manual focus and share a common T1.5 aperture.

Rokinon 14mm DS Full Frame Cinema Prime Lens (EF mount)

A super wide 14mm full frame lens with a T 3.1 rating.


Zoom F4 Field Recorder

A battery powered 24bit/192khz six track field recorder with time code, 4 xlr/trs inputs, and 2 xlr outputs.

Rode Videomic Pro

With 3.5mm stereo jack output the Videomic pro provides a great on-camera “shotgun” microphone.

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