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Beauty Nathan Saliwonchyk 2003 Video, Film
Bedford Basin Eric Walker 2000 An eight minute real-time video painting of the Bedford Basin in Halifax, Nova Scotia, viewed from a moving train. It is in homage to Arthur Lismer's panoramic Basin views made during the First World War. Betacam
Betty Swollox André Coutu 2002 Simple plan. Simple disguise. A true story of misinformation and robbery gone awry. DV
Beyond the Pale Maureen Bradley 2010 How do you recreate an un-documented past? MiniDV
Bif! Bang! Pow! Anthony Seck 1997 "A trailer for a never released science fiction film, with a self-assembled appliance robot, which rampages through the suburbs, man-eating salad which lurks in the forest, zombie maidens of evil flowers, and Jesus coming back to earth as a divi Betacam
Billy Rob Thompson 2003 Two women get together for a cup of tea, but their conversation quickly descends into a confrontation of their deepest fears. MiniDV
Blason Anatomique Carol Breton 1996 BLASON ANATOMIQUE is a video blasons - a eulogy to the male torso. Hi8
Blind Date Khanhthuan Tran 2001 A blind date is set up between a street involved youth and a non-street involved youth. Watch as the awkwardness ensues. MiniDV
Blue Screen Blues Bonnie Robinson 2001 BLUESCREEN BLUES is a comedy about an unnamed high tech company struggling to meet deadlines and get funding after the dot.com crash. MiniDV
Boredom Lois Siegel 1976 BOREDOM consists of a series of images portraying the movements of one character. The character performs acts with no apparent reason or result. His life is his art. We watch him as he lives his day. He walks, he looks, he loves, he dreams. 16mm
Breakfast Rob Thompson 1991 Breakfast is a music video I made of a punk rock song about breakfast. Statement: An early music video. 3/4"
Bridefest 2002 Mark Mckay 2002 BRIDEFEST 2002 is a celebration of weddings, brides, fun and good times. On September 21, 2002 nine women who were married from 1 week to 11 years ago came together at the arboretum in Ottawa. This video reflects what went on that day. Hi8
Brothers Anne Golden 1998 Two lesbian brothers play out a prescribed sleep-work-play existence, but when the evening comes… Betacam
By Myself Cristina Usubiaga 1994 By Myself is a tale of a young boy who embarks on a journey through a man's public washroom on his own. In light of today's changing world of single families and urban fears, this small step towards independence takes on more significance. 16mm
Ca Pas De Bon Sang Jean Rene 1996 A funny twist on a vampires theme. n/a
Caged Rob Thompson 2000 Pam Meldrum and Eric Wolf were selected from over 80 applicants to try and live like battery hens for one week. Betacam
Celebration Of Life (River Of Fire fest.) Douglas Von Rosen 1995 3/4", Hi8
chant (dans les muscules du chant) Suzan Vachon 2010 chant [dans les muscules du chant] primarily uses film archives from the first half of the twentieth century. MiniDV
Chorégraphie Luc Desjardins 2002 A paradoxical and absurd look at artifice (the moulin rouge) versus real life (taking out the trash). VHS
Christ Not Marx Chris Mullington 1983 Chris was testing out a film camera at Lansdowne Park when he happended upon a fundamentalist Christian rally. He didn’t even remember shooting the shot until the roll came back. Sometimes happy accidents occur. A slice of indoctrination. 3/4", 16mm
Chrome And Thunder Thomas Mann 2002 A point-of-view expose of Ontario Harley Davidson riders, including police, professionals, women & clubs. Statement: I was angered by the climate of fear being generated about bike clubs. DV
CIBA Chrome Jean Rene 1997 Psychedelic music video. VHS
Clowning Around Brett Kelly 1999 A clown comes home from work to find his clown wife in bed with another clown. Statement: Just a silly comedy about clowns." n/a
Club ViviSEXion Rob Thompson 1997 The bizarre two-part story of a young country woman who, thanks to an unusual turn of events, finds herself the owner of a club/brothel in the city. Betacam
Confessions Chris Ikonomopoulos 2001 Watch as people on the street confess to stangers. MiniDV

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