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Yousef Dwik Madi Mohammed 2002 An interview with the Palistinian born artist Yousef Dwik. The interview and art exhibit is about his art work. Statement: I have long considered the creative impulse to be a thing of grace." DV
Your Absence Shahin Parhami 1996 A video poem concerned with race and gender issues. Images from monuments in Ottawa, locations and activities around Parliament - Canada Day, Gay Pride and Carrabana Festival - play with poem narrative. Hi8
You Are A Constellation Kevin Hogg 2001 An experimental art video challenging the context of the music video format. Statement: To attempt to express anticipation and excitement and modern love with original music and evocative visuals. MiniDV, Hi8
X (trace) Phil Rose 2002 X (TRACE), STUDIES FOR A SELF-PORTRAIT is a ""motion painting"", a single-channel video or continuous loop installation which takes Francis Bacon's self-portraits as the starting point for a series of hand processed film exp Video, Super 8
Work To Live Donna James 1993 Work to Live, is a one minute video tape uses the oral tradition to highlight three women's shared work experience in Canada and Jamaica. It was a commissioned video tape that was produced for the Toronto MAYWORKS Festival of Labour in 1993. n/a
Woman Nena Toth 1989 An experimental film all done in close-ups about a woman. n/a
Witches Way (Magic, Coming Soon) Wendy De Mos 1995 Using dance to capture the excitement/energy of a percussive driven song called MAGIC, COMING SOON. Hi8
Weaving Words Eve Haque 1995 "This video attempts to interrogate how one can ""language"" the effective realm of marginalisation, exclusion and alienation that are the legacy of transnational migration into white settler nation space. DV, Hi8
Vortex Gennaro De Pasquale 2010 Vortex is an experimental video that combines fragments of films from different genres (fiction, documentary, reportage, animation, etc.), most of which date from the early-twentieth century. MiniDV
V.L.T. Karen Guttman 1997 Encased in a giant video lottery terminal, V.L.T explores the impulse to gamble - with one's future. Excerpts of my diary in Alberta are spoken during the period where V.L.T.s were first introduced into the province. VHS
Two Thieves Maliha Hamidee 2002 The crime spree of two bumbling thieves comes to an abrupt end and a dilemma. Statement: My first experimentation in the dramatic genre." MiniDV
Two Guns And a Hacksaw Jordan Mctavish 1998 In a shady motel, a drug dealer awaits his next shipment. Digital 8
Tunnels Jamie Bruni 2002 TUNNELS is a stereotypical view of life at Carleton University that takes place in real time. It is a journey from residence to an exam room on the other side of campus and what happens along the way. DV
Tu Veux Que Je Pose Anthony Seck 1991 16mm
Trudeau Unifies the Country Ramona Macdonald 1981 Was presented to Channel 4, who never replied but went on to produce a similar series. 16mm
Tribal Jef Harris 2001 Behind the scene video. DV
Transvestite Shopping Trip (Jed) Riley Rempel 2001 "A happy man named Jed goes shopping in his wife's underwear. When SAW Gallery did its Detonator show, they asked me to do a project. And they paid me for it too. A little later on, someone paid to screen it. Hi8
Thumbs Up Ramona Macdonald 1973 Pure improv: non-actors, crew using obsolete equipment for first time. Filmed in 2 takes. 16mm
Three Girls Named Sheila Melina Young 1997 Hi8
This Will Make You Happy (Furnaceface) Anthony Seck 2000 Alternative rock. A TV continues to flick through channels of children's commercials for obscure products like, Sugar Blast nuclear cereal, a UN Children's survival kit, and Pearly Gates, a game where you have to make St. Betacam, 16mm
Thirsty Claudia Jurt 2002 One long year has passed since 15 year old Ashleigh Burns went missing. Police have given up the search, leaving Ashleigh's best friends to solve the mystery themselves. n/a
They Gave Up Their Pants For Love Karen Guttman 1999 In 1899, Victorian England, the huge popularization of the bicycle sparked women's independent mobility. Finally ladies were able to travel around the city independently, choosing where they wanted to go at any time. VHS
The Wind Between My Ears Carol Beecher 2002 An inside look at viewing popular culture. 16mm
The Walk Home Michael Clowater 2002 A man leaves his office on a Friday after work. it's a beautiful day and he decides to break from his regular routine of the subway and walk home instead. 16mm, Super 8
The Villains Anthology: Deathlazer's Menace Josh Stafford 1999 One third of the Villains Anthology trilogy of shorts. A surly foulmouthed bounty hunter cares more about getting his laundry done than saving his kidnapped ex-girlfriend from a delusional and mostly harmless masked man. Betacam

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