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Artist/Director Year Producedsort descending Original Media
Spectrum in White Lois Siegel 1971 SPECTRUM IN WHITE is an unusual film of colour and transformations and optical illusions. Pure graphics are scratched directly on the film surface. This combination of images and sound was created for a mixed media spectacle. 16mm
Paralysis Lois Siegel 1972 PARALYSIS is a computer film created by directly filming the images produced on an oscilloscope, which has been attached to a computer(s). 16mm
Thumbs Up Ramona Macdonald 1973 Pure improv: non-actors, crew using obsolete equipment for first time. Filmed in 2 takes. 16mm
Painting With Light Lois Siegel 1974 PAINTING WITH LIGHT consists of images produced by moving light. Techniques include refilming slides in an animation fashion. Original slides are time exposure images of colour filtered light. 16mm
Faces Lois Siegel 1976 "FACES is a film composed entirely of photographs. Still photographs are re-filmed with a 16mm camera, and transitions from one to the next are completed through dissolves in the camera. The images are faces. 16mm
Boredom Lois Siegel 1976 BOREDOM consists of a series of images portraying the movements of one character. The character performs acts with no apparent reason or result. His life is his art. We watch him as he lives his day. He walks, he looks, he loves, he dreams. 16mm
Dialogue Of An Ancient Fog Lois Siegel 1978 "This film is an account of a man without qualities. He's the leftover face in the crowd who collects images, the unwanted images discarded by people without even a glance. 16mm
Recipe to Cook a Clown Lois Siegel 1978 RECIPE TO COOK A CLOWN involves one character who enters a city and meets bizarre people: a deaf-mute boy, a solicitous young man, and a somewhat neurotic young lady. 16mm
Spirits of an Amber Past Ramona Macdonald 1978 Lithuanian folk art in Canada as practiced on the grounds of the artists Antanas and Anastasia Tamosaitis. 16mm
Solitude Lois Siegel 1978 "SOLITUDE is a film about the nature of the individual in the world as he moves from one space to another, shadowed by structures. The medium is film and dance, but the film is not specifically a dance film. 16mm
Femmes de Rêves Louise Gendnon 1979 3/4"
Double Nena Toth 1979 Parallel stories. When a double takes the life of an original. 16mm
Arena Lois Siegel 1979 "ARENA is a study of images and movement. Stark black and white photographs of faces have been airbrushed with colour. They dissolve one into another. The central image is a long boy: Guy. Guy is a deaf mute. Film
Regan Sees Red Ramona Macdonald 1980 Experimental political satire. 16mm
Trudeau Unifies the Country Ramona Macdonald 1981 Was presented to Channel 4, who never replied but went on to produce a similar series. 16mm
Shared Visions Liisa Rissanen 1981 Features two female painters and their paintings. n/a
God's Island Ramona Macdonald 1983 History of PEI through paintings and reminiscences of a folk artist. The film has been screened at the National Gallery, BBC-2, CBC and has theatrical distribution in England. 16mm
Teleculture the Teleculture Chris Mullington 1983 Willoughby Sharp visited SAW Gallery in 1983. This flamboyant New Yorker was a denizen of Andy Warhol’s Factory scene before becoming a prophet of telecommunications and satellite technology. He was interviewed by David Peat for CBCTelevision. 3/4"
The Circle Cycle C.J. Fleury 1983 A skated performance piece exploring the passage from tradition to experiment through the choreography and sound. VHS
Christ Not Marx Chris Mullington 1983 Chris was testing out a film camera at Lansdowne Park when he happended upon a fundamentalist Christian rally. He didn’t even remember shooting the shot until the roll came back. Sometimes happy accidents occur. A slice of indoctrination. 3/4", 16mm
Popsicles Gloria Camiruaga 1984 Video art using the signs and symbols which make up my existence. In this tape the space, symbols and the historical context in which I live as a woman on this side of the continent interact. 3/4"
Louise & Eddie Chris Mullington 1986 A colaboration between Chris Mullington (videographer/director) and Richard Nigro (writer/producer). Louise, a prostitute, has murdered Eddy, her 15 year old lover. This is a dramatisation of her interrogation. 3/4", Betacam
Le Pontiac, c'est presqu'un ays Angèle Gagnon 1986 3/4"
Kids Chris Mullington 1987 "A colaboration between Chris Mullington (videographer/director) and Richard Nigro (writer/producer). The social machinations of a group of pre-pubescent children parallel the dynamics of adult groups. 3/4", Betacam
28 Laval Street Philippe Caron 1987 Based on a letter found in a derelict building, 28 LAVAL explores the world of a young single mother trapped in a cycle of poverty, drugs and abusive love. 3/4"

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